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How do I become a Marshal?

Right, perhaps you have been to a few race meetings as a spectator, or watched a few on TV, or have friends that are Marshals and you fancy having a go yourself, but don’t know how to start.

Well good news, you’re at the right place! On the site you will find all the resources to contact the different clubs that run meetings across the UK

Most clubs will allow new Marshals to join at any time of the year. They might arrange an induction day for you, where you can have a look around a race meeting or if they don’t have the resources for that, they will pair you with an experienced marshal and put you on post for the day. They will not ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with for your first few meetings, such as venturing out into a track while the race is still running. They will, however, explain what the flags are for, show you how to use them and let you get your hands on bikes, perhaps to assist with recovery at the end of a race. If you feel happy to go into a live track then great, but if not, don’t worry. Whatever you do, listen to what you are told and do just that.

If you find that you enjoy marshalling (and not everybody does) and decide to keep up the sport, than you will need to go on a training course. These are normally held in January & February and after completing a course you will be eligible to obtain an ACU Marshals registration (The ACU is the governing body for all Motorcycle sport in the UK). You should then attend a course once every three years (or more often if you want) to maintain your registration.

To Marshal at the BSB championship rounds, you will have to be a member of Racesafe, and have attended their training course before you can marshal at their meetings. Racesafe only accept new Marshals over the winter period in readiness for the forthcoming training days and race season.

To Marshal at the World championship events, you must have at least one year’s marshalling experience, and have completed an approved training course. Marshals who are eligible to attend these events will be notified as part of our selection process.

Different clubs offer different “perks” to their members. Some might offer money to contribute to your fuel costs, some might offer a breakfast to set you up for the day, or refreshments, or a combination of things. You will also usually get a second ticket for guest to come along with you for the day. Remember though, Marshals come along for the love of the sport and not to get rich.

What ever level you marshal at, some of the basic principles still apply:-

• The first thing you should do is “sign on”. Without that you are not covered by the club’s Insurance. Your joining instructions should tell you where, and when, this is. At signing on, you will be told, where to go and who with.

• Remember, your safety is paramount, followed by that of your colleagues.

• Think for a moment about what you are going to do, don’t rush into things to hastily.

• Always remain behind a fixed barrier at all times that bikes are on track and if you need to venture into a live track get back behind the nearest barrier at the first opportunity once you have finished your task.
• Always wear stout boots, never trainers. Always keep your arms and legs covered.

• Do not smoke on post.

• Take plenty to drink and eat. Do not rely on being able to leave post to get these items. Clubs will always endeavour to give you a break, but sometimes delays means that this gets cut to a minimum.

• Take hats, gloves, and other cold/wet weather clothing. Lot of thin layers of clothing is better, preferably made from natural fibres. In summer take sun screen as well. It might not be very sunny, but you may be out all day.

Remember stay safe, meet great friends, have fun, and ensure the future of motorcycle racing.

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